Deborah Darlington is a graduate of the Interior Decorating Certificate Program at Sheridan College where she now also teaches design and is an accredited member of the Canadian Decorators' Association. Through her committee work with this national organization, she has built relationships with some of the country's leading suppliers and manufacturers of quality home furnishings, materials and finishes. Design services include space planning, colour consultation, window and floor coverings, up cycling, renovation project management, staging, holiday decor, and new furniture procurement.. Most projects are billed at a fee of $110.00/hr (returning clients receive a 10% discount).

We help you find your own personal style and then make your space beautiful in a way that speaks to that style. We believe that a successful design should be an expression of your personality, not the decorator's. Our process begins with an evaluation of what you have and consideration of how it can be reused or rearranged in a way that brings new life to your space. Often, this can be enough but we may also suggest layering in new colour, accessories, furnishings or area rugs. If this process leads to larger renovations, we can help with those too. Computerized floor plans and 3D renderings are available for all our designs.

Reach us at the following numbers or by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you. T: 905-820-6149 ,  C: 416-209-5588 ,  E: dadarlington@rogers.com

Redesign Gallery

The simplest  and often the most gratifying form of decorating is redesign. This means taking what you have, changing the layout, adding accessories, and perhaps refreshing the walls with new colour or window treatments. This can be done quite reasonably, or you can update your furnishings as well for maximum impact. In either case, you end up with a satisfying new look which reflects your changing preferences and needs with minimum stress. Decorating doesn't have to be hard; the secret is in the planning. Let us help you with that!

Click on the photos above to see "before" and "after" views of recent redesign projects.

Renovation Gallery

Once we have created a renovation design that meets your needs stylishly, detailed planning is required. It is critical that you be involved in this process to be sure you understand the scope of the job, the timeline and any limitations. A well-documented, two way dialogue is what's needed to ensure a successful renovation. Additionally, we work with a team of professional contractors who are themselves artists and can be counted on for exemplary work.

Click on the photos above to see "before" and "after" views of recent renovation projects.

Up Cycling Gallery

Up cycling is what we used to call "making do" or taking something you already have and reinventing it in a way that is current, attractive and useful. Many say that it's good for the environment (which it absolutely is) but mostly, it's just fun. Let us show you what can be done with what you, or your unwitting neighbor, have thrown away!

Click on the photos above to see "before" and "after" views of recent up cycling projects.

"Practical designs that charm..."

At DGI, we design elegant, well-functioning and safe spaces for homeowners seeking change or embracing new challenges in their lives. We know that good design must be simultaneously fresh, respectful of your tastes and sensitive to your budgetary and timing needs.